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There’s nothing like relishing the summer sun and viewing your beautiful garden from your conservatory. A conservatory is a must have for people who enjoy merely being at home.

At CMB Builders, we can help you build a long-lasting conservatory to serve whichever purpose you want. The purpose may be for extra entertaining space, or relaxation spot for the family or social living space to fancy the garden. We can assure you of the best conservatory you want to offer both space and value.

Benefits of conservatories

A well designed and positioned conservatory comes with a lot of benefits to homeowners.

Added value

Adding a conservatory to your home enhances the value of your home. They serve as a huge selling point for prospective buyers.

Relaxing environment

Not only do conservatories add values to homes, but they also serve as a relaxation spot for the family to enjoy natural lighting and create a perfect reading atmosphere.


Another significant benefit of conservatories is that they are available in several designs and styles. Some of these designs include;

Gable, Lantern, Victorian, Bespoke, Edwardian, Lean-to, P-shape &  T-shape

Additional living space

One of the most important reasons of having a conservatory is the increment in the size of your home. A conservatory can be converted into nearly any room to serve any purpose. It all depends on how you can imagine it.

Adding a conservatory to your property is a cheaper option for upgrading to a bigger home, considering the layout of moving house. At CMB Builders, we are committed to helping you build the best conservatory of your choice, and we’ll be glad to provide you with free advice, free quotes, etc. There are many outlets in Lincoln that offer excellent conservatories including James Oliver.

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