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Building Extensions Lincoln

building extensions Lincolnshire
building extensions Lincoln



A home extension is a means of adding a building or new room to an existing building or a group of buildings. Extending your home can add value and give you a return on your investment, not forgetting the extra space you now have and utilise.

The costs and hassle of moving house which includes legal fees, agent fees, and stamp duty, gives enough basis to stay put in your existing home and improve it for value and space.

Benefits of home extension

There are quite a lot of benefits attached to home extensions. These benefits include:

It adds value to your home

Whatever it is that you decide to expand your home with, it will definitely add more value to your property. At CMB Builders we’ve seen many cases of clients who decided to extend their home with the purpose of selling it. The bigger your home, the higher the value.

It saves you money and time

Instead of depositing a significant amount on a new home, save yourself the stress and cost by extending your existing home to your taste. In that way, you will spend less and divert your time on something valuable.

Less paperwork

A home extension requires little or no permits because they are usually considered to be authorized developments. Although, there are rules and regulations from each local council and if your extension does not in any way surpass the standards, then you are good to go.

At CMB Builders, we are a competent and well-experienced local to Lincoln city with an excellent client satisfaction rating. We can help you with free advice and free quotes. Contact us today for your next project. Good quality materials from local companies like Build Base will help your property last.

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