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Block Paving Lincoln 

Having a high-quality patio or driveway can make your home more visually attractive, initiating a much more distinctive, inviting impression from the exterior of your house or presenting a perfect environment for relaxation or entertainment of your guests in the garden. At CMB Builders, we will guide you through the wide range of surfacing options available on block paving, and select the best option that will best interpret your ideas and bring out the beauty of your home.


Block paving is one of the most durable surfacing choices, it’s made from various materials but mostly from concrete and clay. These blocks come in different sizes and can be laid into different patterns depending on individual taste.

Benefits of block paving

Why do you need block paving to complement your property? Here we unfold a few of the numerous benefits of block paving.


Visual appeal

With the wide range of styles, sizes, and colors on offer, block paving is guaranteed to upgrade the looks of your home. You can choose a simple design or go for something more complicated, and that can better express your ideas. If you consider selling your property in future, then a neat, and well-maintained driveway will add value.



Block paving is durable enough to withstand the pressure of an airplane; that’s why it is commonly used at airports. It doesn’t suffer from tears and wears, and it can’t be affected by chemicals, frosts, salts, and oils.

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block paving Lincoln
block paving Lincoln

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